1. What is Mesotherapy?
  2. Body Mesotherapy
  3. Facial Mesotherapy
  4. Benefits and visible results
  5. When is Mesotherapy convenient?
  6. Side effects and contraindications
  7. How much does Mesotherapy treatment cost?

1. What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a cosmetic treatment intended primarily to rejuvenate and restore skin firmness and elasticity. It consists of the local administration of small doses of active substances by micro injections into the skin area being treated. These active substances (like vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid) have invigorating, moisturising and firming properties.

At body level it is used to remove localised areas of cellulite. In this case, the injected materials are lipolytic products. In the facial, neck and chest areas it is used to hydrate the skin as the substances used are revitalising and nourishing.

2. Body Mesotherapy

Body mesotherapy is mainly used in the treatment of cellulite and flaccidity. Substances used are lipolytic, antioxidants, etc. It involves the administration of small quantities of drugs by intradermal injections at several points in an area with cellulite. This technique sends a low dose of medication to resolve the pathology of the treated area.
Injected products are concentrated in homeopathic amounts (very small amounts). This reduces the risk of allergies and/or hypersensitivity.
The results are quick. The number of sessions varies according to the initial state of the treated area. The sessions are held weekly and it requires between 8 and 12 sessions. After obtaining the desired results, a maintenance session will be needed.

3. Facial Mesotherapy:

The effects of the sun on the skin lead to alterations in the structure and function of it. These changes induce a progressive dehydration of the skin, which depends largely on the content and distribution of the glycosaminoglycans.
With this treatment, we bring specific nourishing and revitalising elements to the deepest layers of the skin.
The latest and most current technique consists of the injection of a cocktail of vitamins, hyaluronic acid and oligoelements. This cocktail is injected in different parts of the face and neck, and provides deep hydration where the creams are not able to reach.
It is necessary to receive several sessions for good hydration. Combined with other treatments, the effects are enhanced. The results are quick and the number of sessions depend on the initial state of the skin.
We usually start by doing four sessions, one every 10-15 days, and then schedule maintenance sessions, with the regularity required by each case.

4. Benefits and visible results

Along with Botox, Mesotherapy is one of the most popular treatments in aesthetic medicine for its visible results in the short term. It is a direct and effective way to implement active treatment right in the area where needed.

The results of facial Mesotherapy include:

-Recovery of skin density

-Improved definition of the oval of the face

-Increased brightness of the skin.

-Rehydration and rejuvenation of the skin.

Benefits of body Mesotherapy:

– Helps to dissolve localised fat deposits

– Stimulates lymphatic drainage

– Reduction of flaccid skin and stretch marks

– Local skin oxygenation

– Reduction effect “orange peel”
The results are an improvement of the “orange peel” and a more visible effect of elasticity and firmness.

5. When is Mesotherapy convenient?
Mesotherapy is intended for the rejuvenation and revitalisation of the skin so, except for people with some type of skin hypersensitivity, it is indicated for people of all ages.

6. Side effects and contraindications

Side effects and risks of mesotherapy are small, especially when compared to liposuction.

The treatment is virtually painless and usually requires only topical anaesthesia (a cream applied to the treated area).
Side effects include temporary swelling of the area and some minor bruises.

7. How much does mesotherapy treatment cost?
The cost of mesotherapy depends on the area being treated and the amount of injectable product used. After studying the specific needs of each patient, we are able to offer a personalised quotation. If you would like a price estimate for the areas you want to treat, please contact us by phone or email.

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