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Thermage - Medicina Estética


  1. What is radio frequency?
  2. When is recommended RF?
  3. Side effects and contraindications
  4. Thermage provides smoother skin
  5. What are the benefits of radio frequency applied by Thermage?
  6. How does it work?
  7. How does it feel during the Thermage treatment?
  8. How long does the procedure take?
  9. When are the results visible?
  10. How long will the effects last?
  11. How long is the recovery time

1. What is radio frequency?

It is defined as electromagnetic radiation, located within the spectrum between infrared radiation and long waves.

There are two types of radio frequency:

– Bipolar: The electric field is placed between two electrodes at a fixed distance. Both electrodes are applied to the treated area and the projection of power is limited between them. It heats the surface skin.
– Monopolar: energy is emitted through an electrode with a contact point applied in the treated area. The depth of heating is variable, may be an inductive electrode and a return (Thermage).
When applied on a tissue, it causes rapid fluctuations of electromagnetic fields. This causes the movement of charged molecules, which results in an increase of tissue temperature. The thermal effects are determined by: the type of RF energy level, duration of treatment and type of tissue.
What we seek is a tissue heating at a temperature between 55-62 ºC. In this temperature range the following events occur:
a. Heating of fat tissue: it stimulates the lymphatic and arteriovenous systems of that tissue, helping to improve cell metabolism.
b. Warming of the skin by heat diffusion: it improves the quality of the skin and stimulates the collagenesis (formation of new collagen fibres).
c. On the collagen fibbers it causes an immediate contraction and remodelling in the medium term.
The mechanism of action of the RF consists of a tension on the tissues of double action:

a. Immediate contraction of collagen
b. Collagen remodelling and tightening over time
The heat is produced by the natural resistance of tissues to the movement of electrons within an RF field (Ohm’s Law), without absorption of photons.

2. When is RF recommended?
This treatment can be applied in any area of the body and face, improving localised fat (remodelling), cellulitis (particularly the orange peel) and flaccid skin.

It can be done in any skin phototype, even black, because there is no interference with the melanin. It also can be done any time of the year, regardless of whether the patient is tanned.

3. Side effects and contraindications

Side effects are mild and transient: Redness and swelling, which are temporary, small bruises in areas of capillary fragility and sense of tension and heat in the area.

It is contraindicated for people with: skin disorders, pacemakers, cardioverter or defibrillators, metal implants in the treated area, major diseases such as severe heart disease, coagulation disorders, connective tissue diseases and cancer.

Thermage is a treatment that uses radio frequency to tighten the skin and improve elasticity and tone. Unlike traditional radio, which requires several sessions, the Thermage treatment requires only one session.

4. Thermage provides smoother skin

Radiofrecuencia o thermageThe Thermage RF system reduces signs of skin aging, providing a more youthful aspect. Thermage treatment has different names, such as; Thermalift, Radiothermoplasty or RFTh. Its cutting-edge technology has been validated by the FDA (Food Control Agency and U.S. drug) and the EC as a “medical device” to restore freshness and smoothness lost through the skin.

5. What are the benefits of radio frequency applied by Thermage?
The Thermage system provides tightening and stretching of the skin using a special radio device applied to the skin as a “touch.” Previous studies label it as the “facelift without surgery.”

6. How does it work?
A cooling system runs in parallel through the RF emission. It protects the upper layers of skin while the energy transformed into heat shrinks the collagen in the skin dermis.
The immediate result is a tightening and retraction of the skin, improving its cosmetic and aesthetic aspect, redefining the oval of the face, lifting cheeks, eyebrows and the base of the neck

Over time, this physiological stimulation produces new collagen which helps to further tighten skin and achieve a younger look.
It is a real skin remodelling. With this technique we improve the nasolabial folds and marionette lines. It is also effective for active acne and for other body regions to remove cellulite and flaccidity.

Thermage is very safe.

This advanced treatment has been studied carefully in hundreds of patients with few major side effects of long duration.

7. What does Thermage treatment feel like?

Thermage en cuello, thermage applied to neckWith each application on the Thermage radio frequency, the patient will experience a brief sensation of heat, while the collagen in the deeper layers is strained.
With every session, before and after the emission of radio frequency, a cooling process is applied. This preserves and protects the skin surface and makes the treatment process more comfortable.
In addition, an anaesthetic cream is applied before treatment to increase comfort.

8. How long does the procedure take?

The size of the treatment area will mark the duration of treatment with Thermage, from a few minutes to over an hour.

9. When are the results visible?
The studies conducted by Thermage and published recently show that improvements in the smoothness of the skin appear gradually between 2 and 6 months after the sessions.

10. How long will the effects last?
Thermage causes the immediate stretching and contraction of the skin by acting on collagen fibbers in the dermis. These fibbers keep stretching over time to synthesize new collagen.
Some unpublished reports prepared by medical experts say the results may last 18 months or more depending on the natural aging process of each patient.

11. How long is the recovery time?
The vast majority of patients undergoing radio frequency by Thermage can return to normal life immediately afterwards. Some people experience mild redness, but it usually disappears quickly.
It doesn’t need special care after treatment, although we recommend a mild moisturiser and sunscreen in case there is exposure, as part of good skin care.
It can be combined with other techniques to eliminate redness, pigmented lesions, skin spots, Botox … You must customise each treatment.
The doctor will advise and treat the patient for firming and reshaping your skin with the Thermage system without surgery.
As a result of the improvement of the tips used in the treatment, we can achieve a volume reduction in addition to skin tightening. This is important in the treatment of the abdominal area.

The process with Thermage requires no incisions or recovery time